Attack on Titan!

AOT is now one of the most popular anime ever.

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past few years than you know exactly what the anime 'Attack on Titan' is. This show exploded out of nowhere after surging to instant popularity due to its fascinating storyline, commitment to violence, and constantly evolving plot line. If you haven't heard of 'Attack on Titan' then you need to head straight to Netflix and get watching. The series is set in a timeless period of Earth that has seen the world overrun by giant humanoid creatures called 'Titans'. These titans exist to do only one thing: eat humans. Due to their insane size and strength humanity has been forced to erect giant walls to hide behind. As it turns out, these walls are not strong enough to keep them at bay forever and a group of elite soldiers and young students are forced to put their lives on the line against these monolithic beasts. The show is full of memorable characters who live for varying amounts of time. If you aren't interested in spoilers then back out now. Here are the five most popular characters from Attack on Titan!

Levi Ackerman

For a kid born on Christmas, Levi sure is serious. If you want to cosplay Levi, you have to act serious. This instant fan favorite made his anime debut in the episode "Night of the Disbanding" when things promptly go to hell. He's a young soldier with a serious face and mentality. He is hyper focused, super skilled, and ready to risk his life for the right reasons. Ackerman is considered by many to be one of the best soldiers that mankind has left. He is one of the more independent minded characters in the series, preferring to work without the help of the other students on many different occasions. Under his calm demeanor he showcases some sadistic tendencies. Anyone he figures as an enemy to mankind is promptly dealt with in a blood thirsty way.

Eren Yeager

Eren is the primary protagonist of the entire show, even though Levi is sometimes more popular. We get introduced to him as a young boy, in the very first episode, that has more hope than common sense. As the Titans start to attack and his mother is eventually killed, we realize that he possesses a mad hatred underneath his eyes. He commits his life to joining the Scouts and ridding the world of Titans forever. It is this fury that make Eren so lovable. He is fiercely committed to his friends and ready to kill anything that poses as a threat to them. He wants to rid the world not only of Titans but of the walls that enclose humanity. The backstory that shows what Eren did in order to save a young Mikasa shows how pure his heart is while showcasing the fury that seems to run through his blood. Remember that cosplay includes elements of acting, so try to be able to act like him if you want to cosplay as Eren from Attack on Titan.

Mikasa Ackerman

There are very few characters as unrelentingly cool as Mikasa. She is the portrait of stoicism yet she never comes off as aloof or mean spirited. Mikasa is fiercely dedicated to protecting Eren, who she owes a life debt to. As a young girl she watched her family murdered as she was kidnapped to be sold into human trafficking. Now she is one of the most elite soldiers left defending all of mankind. She is reckless in battle when she fears for Eren yet she is calculated in cool at all other times.

Sasha Blouse

Every anime has the character that exists almost solely for comedic relief. Sasha almost fits that role yet she offers so much more. She is brought into the series during Eren and Mikasa's initial training where she steals food from the company leader. She seems obsessed with food and having a good time, even when things are going to hell all around her. She seems, at times, like she isn't all there yet she is relentlessly loyal.

Jean Kirstein

Young Jean Kirstein is first introduced to us a possible antagonist to Jean in training. We quickly learn that things aren't all as they seem. Jean initially dreams of joining the Military Police so he can escape to the safer interior to live out his life in presumed luxury. When the Titans attack and things go to hell he quickly finds himself overwhelmed. Yet, he never completely loses his head and proves himself to be a capable soldier. Jean is the 'everyman' of the group. He is a capable soldier but unspectacular.

If you can't find someone in the Attack on Titan universe to relate to, why would you be cosplaying from the show? Don't just cosplay for peer pressure and for your friends, do it for your own love. Be Princess Zelda or Sasuke, if that's who you relate to.