Pikachu Cosplay

Cosplaying as Pikachu can be super cute. There are millions of fans of the Pokemon series from across the world, and Pikachu is one of the cutest characters ever. Therefore, doing a Pikachu Cosplay can be fun and exciting. Apart from being the first pokemon most young people were ever familiar with, Pikachu has so many iconic features that it's easy to modify a costume to fit your type and style.

To the right are a couple of great pictures of people in Pikachu cosplay costumes. These people have got the right idea, by customizing the costume to their style. This pokemon's ears and tail and cute cheeks make it iconic, no matter the shape.

Japanese Pikachu Cosplay Pikachu Girl

Pikachu Cosplay Tips:

  • Make a cute, rigid zig-zag tail.
  • Make stiff, upright ears. Pikachu's ears don't sag.
  • Use red paint, not stickers, for your face.
  • Find a bright, gold-yellow, rather than a dull pale yellow.

Ten most popular Pokemon games.

The characters of Pokemon are very popular with cosplayers. You can be a trainer, a monster, or even Professor Oak. Part of this popularity comes from Pokemon's overall popularity and wide reaching audience.

There are Pokemon television shows, stuffed animals, actions figures, and even video games. While there are many video games not all of them are entertaining and will keep children happy. There are 10 Pokemon video games that stand out to most people.
  • 1. Pokemon White Version 2
    While it's not the original, nostalgia overvalues things of the past and makes them seem better than they were. But the future is now, and Pokemon White 2 is the best Pokemon game so far. This video games has the player taking on the role of being a Pokemon trainer. The trainer has to find out the mystery behind the Black Kyurem and the White Kyurem. While they are doing this the player will have to face other gym leaders and win battles to advance. There are a number of new characters and regions that the player has to face and use their skills to make sure their pokemon win the battles.
  • 2. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
    In this game the Pokemon have to explore many different mystery dungeons in some unknown lands. The games has 3D graphics as well as vibrant and bright colors. The player plays as their favorite characters including Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, and many other Pokemon. In this game the players needs to find the help of other Pokemon, and find treasures as they head towards the dungeon to discover the secrets to the new mystery.
  • 3. Pokemon Black Version 2
    In this new game the player gets to explore the Unova region and meet new challenges. The player has to catch and tame new Pokemon and even battle other gym leaders to get the victory. Some of the trainers the player gets to battle include Lance, and Volkner. This game offers very detailed graphics as well as all of the characters the player have come to know and like.
  • 4. Pokemon Y
    Pokemon Y brings new and past characters together with 3D battles and intense graphics. This game allows the player to train Pokemon and set out on adventures to battle them. The player also has the opportunity to catch and train new Pokemon and unlock some of their special features. There is even the chance to build a bond with your Pokemon through play, petting, and caring for them. This game allows players to connect and communicate with each other. Players can choose to battle or trade as well.
  • 5. Pokemon Battle Revolution
    In this game there are 10 different arenas for the player to battle in. If the player is able to win all 10 battles they will become the champion of Poketopia. The player has to choose the correct pokemon for each battle and face though competition. This game allows players to connect with each other and even duel with each other. This game will allow a player to test their fighting skills and knowledge of their pokemon.
  • 6. Pokemon X
    This game has graphics like no other game in the franchise and all of the battles are in fast-paced 3D action. In this game the player takes on the role of yet another trainer and is put into a new area where they have to catch and train new Pokemon. Once they feel comfortable with these Pokemon, they are put into battle. This game allows a player to really connect with their Pokemon. Between battles they can play with them, pet the Pokemon, and build a strong connection with them. At any time players can connect with each other and challenge each other to battles. They can also trade with other players and there are many more features that allow players to interact with each other.
  • 7. Pokemon Ranger : Guardian Signs
    This game features all of the most well known and loved Pokemon including legendaries like Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. The player is playing the game as a Pokemon ranger. They have to stop the Pokemon pinchers, which sounds obviously close to poachers. There are a number of different ranger signs for the player to follow to make it easier to capture the Pokemon. Up to four players can play each other with certain missions at a time. While they are playing this game they can discover more information about the Oblivia region of the Pokemon world.
  • 8. PokePark : Pikachu’s Adventure
    This game allows the player to play as Pikachu, one of the most popular Pokemon to cosplay. There are many different areas to visit and many different zones. There are skills the player must complete as Pikachu and many different adventures to be had. In the skills game Pikachu has to defeat other Pokemon and many tough challenges. This game also features some fun challenges. The better that Pikachu does in these games of skills the better the scores will be. There are reward for high scores and many new features for Pikachu to compelte.
  • 9. SoulSilver Version
    In this game the player takes on the role of a trainer once again. As a trainer the player will travel to many different towns across the region on Johto. In this game the object is to catch new pokemon and train them to win battles. This game allows a person to play as their favorite pokemon and uses accessories that come with them. The Pokemon can also transform using the pokewalker. This will allow the pokemon to go to different virtual routes. By going through these routes the player can earn watts. These watts can be used to catch wild pocket monsters as well as help other pokemon gain experience. The more experience a pokemon has the more likely they are to win a battle. This game also allows players to interact with each other and to battle each other through their game connection. This game is able to keep track of time and has certain features that only happen on specific days of the week or holidays.
  • 10. Pokemon Diamond Version
    This game allows players to battle other players anywhere in the world through a wifi internet connection. The game also uses real time and the setting will change based on the time of the day or night. The pokemon the player catches will also vary based on the time. Players can use accessories to change their pokemon and help raise their stats for battle. In battle the player will discover new moves from their pokemon and will be able to perform special features.
These are 10 of the most popular games on the market so far, and with new releases this list may change or grow. These games have provided hours of entertainment to millions of people around the world. Bringing the characters into the world of cosplay is a natural progression.