Sora Cosplay

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

Sora Cosplay
Kingdom Hearts is one of the best Japan-Disney combinations in many years, and Sora is one of the most popular characters of the modern age. Anime fans and non-Otaku can recognize him from the iconic series, which makes doing a Sora cosplay a great idea.

Kingdom Hearts is set in a world that combines tons of popular characters from American storis and movies, with video games and Japanese themes. The story is complex, deep, fun, and imaginative. Doing a Kingdom Hearts cosplay like Sora can be a ton of fun.

  • This Sora cosplay looks like the character. All the pieces are there, and it fits nicely.
  • Here, Sora looks and acts like he would from the game.
  • Even crossplayers can do amazing cosplays!

Here is a great picture of Sora acting cheeky, just like the character from the Kingdom Hearts games. Cosplayers should always try to act like their character more, as it can be more authentic and fun.
Sora Smiles

Here are some of the most touching moments in KH.

Without a doubt, the Kingdom Hearts video games have made a great impact on the Millennial generation and the generations that will follow. Kingdom Hearts is considered the introduction to RPGs for many gamers now, filled with stories of friendship, hardship, death, and loss.

Kingdom Hearts is a series of RPGs developed by Square Enix in affiliation with Disney Interactive Studios. The story of Kingdom Hearts centers around three characters stuck on Destiny Islands, Sora, Riku, and Kairi, that desperately want to explore the world beyond these islands and are building a raft to do so. Unexpectedly, a dark force, known as the Heartless, captures the island whole and kidnaps Riku. Sora is given a keyblade that is the only effect force against the Heartless. Teaming up with King Mickey, it’s up to Sora to fend off the Heartless and save his friends.

In this world filled with heartache, sadness, and challenges, players must save the other characters from the unthinkable. Kingdom Hearts is littered with saddening and touching moments that have all found a way to make an impact on all who play it. Here, we have the top five most touching moments from the first Kingdom Hearts game that are memorable and tear jerking just at the thought of them:

5. The Paopu Fruit in the Beginning
This scene was considered some foreshadowing of what lies ahead in the first Kingdom Hearts game. According to the lore of Kingdom Hearts, the Paopu Fruit is sacred. According to the legend surrounding it, if two people share a Paopu fruit, their destinies are forever intertwined and regardless of what happens to them, they will somehow remain in each others lives. It’s a great symbol of friendship, as we know.

We’re introduced to the Paopu Fruit in the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts game while Riku, Sora, and Kairi are still on Destiny Island prior to the invasion of the Heartless. The Paopu Fruit is a symbol of friendship and Riku’s introduction of it in that early scene will make any Kingdom Hearts fan burst into tears.

Just after discussing Kairi’s homeland and how to get there, the trio cross over a bridge. Riku throws a Paopu fruit to Sora, egging him on and encouraging him to eat it. Riku proceeds to tell him the legend surrounding the Paopu fruit. Sora acts a little flustered and tosses it aside. Later on, they both race one another for the right to name the raft they’ve been building. Sora takes things a step further an claims the winner will have the chance to share the starfruit with Kairi, who both have romantic feelings for. This is the scene that both displays and unravels their friendship.

4. Sora Meets Donald and Goofy
Just after Sora leaves the island, he finds himself in building surrounded by the Heartless. Donald and Goofy attempt to outrun the Heartless but wind up collapsing onto Sora, thus starting their friendship, especially when they identify the keyblade. Donald and Goofy have been searching for the holder of the Keyblade for some time. They promise to help him find his friends but there is a catch, Sora has to be smiling the entire time. After losing his friends, how could he possibly smile? But he forces the most awful, funny face that causes the strange duo to break into laughter. It’s a brief moment of comic relief after everything that has happened.
3. Riku’s Growing Sense of Abandonment
To see the character progression and matured emotions develop in one of the characters to a child really teaches them a thing or two about emotional control and dark emotions. Jealousy. Doubt. Anger. Riku’s jealously towards Sora was increasing further in the game. Riku’s heart belongs to Kairi, after all, but we learn in the long run where her affection lies. Maleficent is trying to gather all of the Princesses of the Heart and Kairi is the only one that remains. The only way for Maleficent to reach her is through Riku who’s emotional vulnerability becomes the perfect gateway for the Heartless to seep right in. She lies to Riku, claiming Sora and Kairi abandoned him for their new friends (Donald, Goofy, and Mickey) and the Keyblade. The darkness inside him grows and when he locates Kairi, there is no sign of her heart.

This is the moment we being to see Riku’s downfall and emotions overrun him. It is heartbreaking to watch him unravel like this.

2. Sora’s Sacrifice for Kairi’s Heart
Ansem has captured Kairi, who we discover to be a princess. Ansem has possessed Riku and wants Kairi’s heart. Sora discovers that because of Kairi’s love for him, which has always been, he has always possessed her heart. After a fight with Ansem, Sora uses his keyblade to unlock Kairi’s heart and sacrificing himself in process. Sora becomes a heartless and is about to fight Donald, Goofy, and Kairi when Kairi identifies him. By projecting love onto him, he comes back to life, free from the darkness holding him captive.
1. The Ending of Kingdom Hearts
After everything the three have gone through, at the end of the first Kingdom Hearts game, a possible solution about the Heartless has been discovered. Both Mickey and Sora have used their keyblades to lock the door to Ansem, thus causing all worlds harmed by the Heartless to reconstruct itself, which includes the Destiny Islands. As the Destiny Islands reform themselves, Kairi and Sora are separated, forcing Kairi to stay on Destiny Islands and Sora to find Riku and Mickey. The two are heartbroken to be separated and appear to be uncertain if they will see one another again.

Kairi walks into the island on the cave and finds drawings all over the walls, including Sora’s drawing of him handing Kairi a Paopu fruit. Kairi begins to cry and is touched by this drawing. The ending concludes with Kairi’s addition to the drawing of her handing him a Paopu fruit, thus verifying that they will be together indefinitely; forever bonded.