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Top five episodes from Naruto

For those people who are known as Otakus, you would know for a fact that they will read mangas and watch animes. These people are the hardcore fanatics at the very least. However, as there are also people who don’t watch as much animes or any at all, they may be a bit confused on what all this really is. Animes, essentially, are Japanese cartoons. I am sure that you have heard about the animes though before. These are titles like Pokemon, Sailor Moon or even Naruto.

Speaking of Naruto, the mainstream question for this popular anime has been: What is the best episode? After doing some research, and finding out what others think, there seem to be at least five different episodes now that could be considered the best.

Episode 1

Episode one is in this top five list because of the fact that it is the start to the entire series. We begin to learn about who the main character is, and who supports him. Essentially, this is also the episode in which you would want to have gripping you from the start. If you find that you aren’t gripped at the start of a series, how would you expect to continue going on through the rest of the series after all? Or, perhaps all you need to do is to give it a second chance. It may grow on you after a second chance.

Episode 91

Now that we are more than a quarter way through the series, we find out about several disputes that have happened. Especially after a single object, a necklace, was inherited. However, it is what the necklace does that is most interesting. The necklace itself is cursed, which will make it’s wearer cursed as well.
It comes to realization that not everything will be as it appears to be in the long run. Rather, looks can be deceiving at times. The necklace may have looked pretty, but with it having a history of a curse, that is one underlying detail. Is there something else behind the necklace that no one has ever thought about before though?

Episode 101

Masks, masks, and more masks! Our friends of the show at this point are keen on what one of their other friends is hiding while they are wearing a mask. So, once they are able to, they take off one of the masks. However, they seem a bit disappointed when all they find is another mask. Was that a bit of preplanning for our mask wearer? Did they know that others would try to figure out who they were underneath the masks? Only the character himself would know.
It comes to a point though, that you also can’t stay hidden under masks for your whole life either. One will have to face the fact that they will have to see the light, or the darker depths if they so choose, to know what path they really should be on in their life. If they can’t see what path is right for them, then there is always a possibililty of sampling a bit of both worlds. It may help them choose after all. Considering that not everyone will follow the same path after all.

Episode 133

One of the supporting characters has been cursed now, and it is up to our main character to actually try to see if the supporting character will come back to their side. It almost sounds like a plea from our main character to our supporting friend. However, there is no luck in that department. That means that they will have to fight.
Of course, almost everyone is a huge fan of any type of battling though. We get to see all of these super cool moves that these characters portray in these series. They are cool enough that we want to try to mimick them in our day to day lives. Yet, that is the very thing that also allows us to keep on with violence in our day to day lives. We see it on TV, thinking that it is alright for us to condone to this type of behavior. Yet, at times, we also know that it is wrong for us to do something like this. Which is why we tend to lean at watching anime or playing video games.

Episode 134

This episode seemed to be another popular episode with a few of the Naruto fans. There appears to be a reason why some people prefer this particular episode. There is the claim that it is a very emotional episode as it involves one of the supporting characters. As some people would get attached to the supporting characters more so than the main character, considering that they never seem to die at the very least, then there is hope for the rest of the series to come yet.
Having a good emotional episode is good for the body though, if you want to take in that opportunity to let your feelings go. Never, under any circumstances though, should you believe that you don’t deserve to cry whenever you see a heart wrenching episode like this one.


All in all, for someone who hasn’t viewed this series at the very least, this is certainly the best way to figure out whether the series is worth it to start or not. Upon reviewing all of these episodes, there is a chance that one will see the dynamics of the show. This, essentially, is the perfect anime if you like to watch intense battles between several different characters or even if you are the hopeless empath. This series has it all.

It will be able to pull you in from the first episode, regardless of how many chances you give it. It will engage you as the viewer too. It’ll make you think several questions as you will also be hoping for more. Perhaps you will then start to think about other fantasies in regards to this particular series. After all, there is no end to the possibilities of the human mind.