Ichigo Cosplay

Ichigo is one of the main characters from Bleach. He travels around the sole realm for a ridiculously long amount of episodes trying to rescue his friend, from whom he gained his Soul Reaper powers. Both the Monda and the anime are freaking ridiculously long, and sometimes very tedious and pointless. If you can't tell, I don't really care much about Bleach. However Ichigo can sometimes be a cool character in his own right, particularly because he's also done by the same voice as the guy who does the voice of Vash.

Filler Episodes

Bleach is a ridiculously long running series, and sometimes it seems like it is nothing but filler episodes. If you watch a lot of anime, you'll quickly notice that most of the longest and most popular animeare very heavy on filler episodes. These extra episodes give you a chance to catch up if you're watching them as part of your Saturday morning cartoon routine. Shows that don't contain a lot of filler almost seem like they are over to quickly; this could be said about Death Note, for example.

Getting an Ichigo Wig

Getting a good way can be the hardest part about making any cosplay, especially because most anime characters have hair that is wild, imaginative, and unrealistic. If you want to cosplay as Ichigo, you'll have to spend a lot of time finding a good wig. Here are a couple different samples that I found online, and you can clearly see the quality difference between the two. The first is really just a mass of strands sticking out every which direction, and is more of a stylized representation of his hair, but it is definitely nowhere near accurate. The second looks like it has been styled and trimmed thoroughly, and it looks almost exactly like his hair does in the show. Chances are your wig won't arrive perfectly like that, so you may need to get help from someone who has skills with hairstyling.